Linggo, Marso 18, 2012

Persuasive Speech Outline

Speech Objective:

To convince the young professionals to support the upcoming implementation of the K+12 education program in the Philippines .

Persuasive Speech Outline (Monroe's Motivated Sequence structure):

I.                   Attention

-      Photos (e.g. TIMSS Scores, Basic Education Cycle, News)
-      Credibility
                        - Have talked about it in previous speeches, have done prior researches.
-      Brief explanation of what is K+12 education program

II.                Need
A.     Our existing education program seems to be lacking of many things that’s why the quality is not that good, in general.
B.     There are Filipinos that are not considered as professionals abroad because we are not following the K+12 education program.
C.     Other end results that affect many Filipinos just because of our 10-year education program.

III.             Satisfaction
A.     We should support the implementation of the K+12 program.
B.     Because of this, if this will meet the desired quality of the K+12, will take the competency of the students to a higher level.
C.     The professionals here in our country will be recognized abroad.
D.    Maybe, for now, we will not appreciate the benefits of it, but in the long run, hopefully, it will be a success and benefit the whole citizens.

IV.              Visualization
A.     If all of us will support its implementation and cooperate completely to its guidelines and principles, all of us will gain something from it.
B.     If the students had already enough knowledge on various things, they will have great different opportunities of the world.
C.     Our society will be far better if the people working have enough intelligence on things.

V.                 Action

A.     We should not think of the disadvantages because we will not step forward if all that we are thinking is that.
B.     We should look forward to the good things it will bring to us.
C.    We should make the best out of it. We should advice the students that will undergo this program to do their best, and the program is for the better of their future.

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Huwebes, Marso 1, 2012

Info Speech: DONE! :)

      Yes, finally! Our informative speech was over! But let me tell you this, it wasn't easy. Days before my speech, when I'm still picturing myself on how my presentation will go, I thought it will be easy. But things went really different when that day arrived. I felt really nervous. My hands were cold and I can't really concentrate in listening to the other speakers before me. And on my actual speaking, there are times that my voice stutter. At the back of my mind, I really know what to say, but I just can't say it out loud. But thanks to my visuals, it helped me a lot. It guided me on where to talk next. That's what I did right! But I needed to improve in so many things especially on being nervous. Because even after my speech, I can still feel my nervousness. I also needed to work more in my speech for it to be better. I should allot plenty of time to do it. And I hope, for my next speech, that it will be way better than my last.

     We were also asked to submit questions in twitter if there's any. There are many questions that I have encountered and three of them are Ronalyn's Jamaica's and Angel's. Ronalyn asked me if I agree with the implementation of the K+12 education program here in the Philippines. Yes, I agree because, with the benefits that it can give to the society as a whole, it will help of us, hopefully. Angel also asked me if this was a good decision, and I think that it is, because I am looking forward to the benefits it can give to us and how it can uplift our status right now in many aspects. While Jamaica asked me if these additional years will just make the lives of the Filipinos harder especially the poor. Yes, maybe, it will be hard for most of us, but just think about of the things it can give back to us if this will pursue. Maybe these things are not yet seen, of course, but if this will be a success, it will improve a lot of things. I also appreciate others, who asked me questions and I hoped that my answers satisfied you. Thank you! :)

Martes, Enero 31, 2012

K+12 Education Program: Is It Necessary?

K+12 Education Program: Is It Necessary?
Speech Objective

I would like to discuss with the future professionals of this nation the K+12 education program so that we will all appreciate its implementation in the near future.


I. Introduction

a. Quotation

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.”
Plato (427 BC - 347 BC), The Republic

b. Why should we know it?

Even if we will not be part of the K+12 program, we should have the knowledge
about it for our future children, younger cousins or nieces, and other
relatives or friends will soon undergo the program.

c. Credibility

I have done prior researches for a mini debate regarding the K+12 education

II. Body

a. Where are we now?

- Test Results
- Our graduates are not automatically recognized as professionals abroad.

b. Difference between the existing education and the K+12 education.

c. Advantages

- Visions
- Goals
- Benefits

d. Disadvantages

- Why many people are not in favor?
Lack of facilities, supplies, teachers and even the budget for the whole country.

e. How will this be implemented?

- 1 year of kindergarten - 6 years in elementary -4 years in junior high school –
2 years in senior high school
- By SY 2018-2019, all students would have already finished 12 years of basic education before they enter college.

III. Conclusion

a. Summary

b. Again, we should be aware of this for our future children and younger relatives and friends.


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Biyernes, Enero 20, 2012

K+12 Education Program: Advantages and Disadvantages

Okay, for this one, I will talk about my proposed topic for my informative speech in our English class. I would like to discuss something about the K+12 education program that will be implemented here in the Philippines. Specifically, its benefits and disadvantages for the people and the country. I wanted to share to my audience my knowledge about it and the good things it can do for us.

We, Filipino citizens, especially us, college students, should be aware in the happenings in our society. We should have knowledge to it and be responsible enough to have the care to know something about it. Maybe, these things like the K+12 education program is not our interest to talk about but, it is our need to know even just the basics about it, for we, the future professionals, needs to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the society. And the speeches like what we’ll do will offer each of us a better understanding of different things that are happening around us.

For my speech itself, I’m planning to say a short quotation or a question, maybe, to start it and a brief background or history of our existing education system to follow it. For the body, I’m thinking of discussing the benefits and the downside of the topic. Also, I will include some statistics to support the things that I will say. And lastly, to conclude and end my speech, I will shortly summarize it all and just have a closing statement.

Hopefully, all of these will turn out great to help all of us.

K+12 Education Program: Advantages and Disadvantages

I.                     Introduction
a.      Quotation / Question
b.      History / Background of our existing education program
c.        Reason for choosing the topic

II.                   Body
a.      Advantages
b.      Disadvantages
c.        Why should we be involved?

III.                 Conclusion
a.      Short summary
b.      Concluding statement

Sabado, Enero 14, 2012

Nervous? Don’t Worry, It’s A Common Thing

Honestly, being nervous is not a difficult thing for me because I get so nervous easily. Standing in front of a huge crowd makes me sick especially, if they are unfamiliar to me. That’s why, in the discussion made in our English Two class, I was glad to know the science behind our nervousness, that there are scientific explanations behind it. 

But don’t worry, there’s more! Being nervous, I can say, if not normal, is common for many people. And there are many ways that you can do to control or lessen it. One way is controlling your breath. You need to manage inhaling and exhaling the proper way. Another one is to create good imagination on what will happen. Picture yourself doing a great job speaking in front of many people. In this way, you can expect on one way or another, the things that SHOULD happen.

For our speech this term, I have an interest on the topics, family relations or the K+12 education. I chose family relations, specifically, the effect of eating together with your family members, because I think I can find many resources about it and I hope it can help many families to realize its benefits. Another topic that I am thinking of is the K+12 education program that will be implemented here in the Philippines. I chose this one because I already have a little knowledge about it and I wanted to share to others the different effects of this program to the Filipino citizens and to our whole country.

Nervous? Don’t Worry, It’s A Common Thing

Nervous? Don’t Worry, It’s A Common Thing